About the Festival

The Annual International Music Festival Star of Asia Almaty.kz

It is a festival of music, where every inhabitant and visitor of the Southern capital becomes a part of one pulsating rhythm of the city.


Dozens of musicians and musical bands will share their incredible drive filling the space with harmony of sounds and incredible creative energy! Generous fireworks, light shows and the most complex designs of the stage will also become an integral part of the Festival.


The highest mountain skating rink in the world Medeu is an ideal location for such a large-scale event. June 16-17, 2018 are two days that will be filled with world-class musical masterpieces and hundreds of outdoor entertainment. In terms of scale and brightness of the event, the Festival is equal to the world famous Italian Song Contest San Remo, the contest of young performers of popular music New Wave, and others.

This year the organizers have tried to find an idea that would give a tangible profit for everyone – unique cooperation and new versions of folk and classical works.


On the first day of the Festival, the best folk songs, kyuis and works of great composers will be performed. The main feature of this event will be duets of the traditional songs performers with representatives of the popular stage, in tandem with popular bands.


On the second day of the Festival, the audience will see a high-tech show from the masters of visual art. The main catalysts of the Festival will be innovative special effects and musical mix experiments. So, music lovers will enjoy such “musical cocktails” as “opera + hip-hop” and “space jazz + electronic music” performed by Kazakh and world pop stars.

The Festival takes up the relay race of the musical competition Asia Dauysy, becoming its symbolic continuation. The Star of Asia Almaty.kz is held within the framework of the Program of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Ruhani Zhangyru and opens a complex of events dedicated to the Day of Almaty City.


The International Festival Star of Asia Almaty.kz was held for the first time in 2017, having acquired the status of an annual event. A year ago Kazakh and world stars, including singers and musicians from South Korea, Turkey, Azerbaijan, India, and Uzbekistan took part in the International Music Festival. The Festival was watched live by the inhabitants of 118 countries – it’s all Europe, Asia and America.


If you want to see something unforgettable and new, you should definitely visit Star of Asia Almaty.kz! Become a part of the unique Festival and feel the incredible atmosphere and emotions!