A South-Korean Idol-Band Will Perform at the Star of Asia

Millions of fans around the world, billions of views in Youtube – the Korean pop industry (K-pop) cannot be ignored today. This is recognized by well-known musicians and performers of Western culture. K-pop is even the third reason to visit South Korea, according to CNN. Concerts of Korean pop idols attract tens of thousands of spectators around the world; K-pop festivals are successfully held throughout Southeast Asia, Europe, North and South America, with the largest ones in Los Angeles, California and New York; their shows are attended by presidents; K-pop singers top the lists of the most influential people in the world; their hits are in the top-10 of iTunes; and the performers receive The Best World’s Artists Awards.
It is not surprising that the main musical event of Central Asia – the annual International Music Festival Star of Asia Almaty.kz, which will be held on June 16-17 at the high-mountain ice rink Medeu – will necessarily include participation of South Korean performers.

The organizers of the Festival made a surprise to all fans of Korean pop culture, announcing participation of the most popular young K-pop band of our time – ASTRO – in the Star of Asia Almaty.kz!

Astro found time to come to Almaty, having just finished their world tour “2018 Astro Global Fan Meeting” during which they gave concerts in Seoul, Bangkok, Tokyo, four cities of the USA, and two cities of Canada.
The band made its first appearance on the stage in February 2016. The name of the band is translated as a “star”, it is also depicted at the boys-band logo in the form of a hexagram made from two triangles – that is a hint of two “A”: the name of the band and its fan club AROHA, that is AstRO Hearts All Fans (“Astro loves their fans” in other words). The fans return their love to the band – its channel in Youtube has more than 700 000 followers, and the views reach 10 million.

Not to mention many awards and prizes in South Korea, it is worth noticing that Astro was recognized as the best male K-pop band at the K-pop Award in the Philippines in 2016 and the best foreign group of the Dahsyat Award in Indonesia in 2017.

In Kazakhstan, the boys-band will perform for the first time.

Tickets for the Star of Asia Festival can be purchased at www.starofasia.kz, kassir.kz, zakazbiletov.kz, as well as at the ticket offices of Meloman chain and the Republic Palace.