Every year Almaty hosts Star of Asia Almaty.kz Music Festival. An interesting fact is that the Festival has a rule to accept only live sound!

On the first day of Star of Asia, only Kazakh stars will take part. The main question remains: who will be able to implement the idea of ​​the organizers and perform folk songs in a completely new sound. The concept of the first day on the website of the Festival starofasia.kz states that “the main theme of the first day will be national music and songs of the Great Steppe. The guests will see unique shows of national performers and musicians together with popular Kazakhstan singers. A modern interpretation of folk compositions and kyuis will become the main feature of the musical design of the first day”.

It is known that Dastan Orazbekov, Yerke Yesmakhan, Serik Ibragimov, MuzART Life Band, Nurbollat Abdullin, Ulytau VIA, Kamshat Zholdybayeva, Dinara Sultan, Beybit Kushkaliyev, Keshyou Band and Baller, Q-POP Band, Black Dial, Mad Men, and Moonlight will participate in the concert. Popular Uzbek singer Sevara Nazarkhan and a participant of Eurovision-2014 Dilyara Kyazimova are known to be headliners of the second day. The organizers promised to open the names of headliners from the US and South Korea in the near future.

The scene and scenery of the Almaty festival at Medeu should gain hearts of both citizens of the city and viewers from more than a hundred countries. The organizers stated that, like the last year, the Festival will be broadcasted live in 118 countries around the world. That is why, in order to correspond to its level and not to be behind of such world festivals as, for example, Coachella and MTV Music Awards; it was decided to maximize the use of spectators on special podiums and zones.

A special fan zone is being prepared. It will be located on the stage, so viewers will be able to see their idols at the level of an outstretched hand. Tickets to the fan zone inside the stage will not go on sale; they will be drawn by the radio stations Zhuldyz FM and Tengri FM, as well as by Kazakh TV channels. Moreover, the drawings are already running in live. They allow winning a backstage visit, taking a photo with a star and getting to the Red Carpet. And most importantly, it is possible to win a car by buying a ticket.

Tickets for the first and second day of the Festival are available at box offices of the city, kassir.kz, zakazbiletov.kz, and Meloman.kz networks, and on the web-site www.starofasia.kz.